Optional Site ID Selection

Most LibreHealth EHR installations support only one site. If that is true for you then ignore the rest of this text and just click Continue.

Otherwise please enter a unique Site ID here.

A Site ID is a short identifier with no spaces or special characters other than periods or dashes. It is case-sensitive and we suggest sticking to lower case letters for ease of use.

If each site will have its own host/domain name, then use that name as the Site ID (e.g. www.example.com).

The site ID is used to identify which site you will log in to. If it is a hostname then it is taken from the hostname in the URL. Otherwise you must append "?site=siteid" to the URL used for logging in.

It is permitted to leave "default" as your site ID. This is the ID that will be used if it cannot otherwise be determined, butit is better for system upgrades to NOT use the default site ID.

Site ID: